Matthew Jared Augustine Tucker, smiling for the camera and hoping he doesn’t look too shiny in this photo. (He’s failing at the shiny part, by the way – at least he’d be valuable as a Pokemon.)

Hello, my name is Matthew Tucker, and I have a problem – I am a huge geek, and I am deeply in love with my Catholic faith. 

Reconciling these two facts can occasionally be a challenge – the stories that we tell in our beautiful but broken world so very often are of the world.  They are not the myths like those of Tolkien and Lewis, that elevate us beyond what we are, but are stories that often reinforce the world’s views and desires upon us.  They are also very often distractions on our journey in this life – instead of being opportunities to stop and smell the roses, they become our own personal gardens of fantasy, helping us to escape or ignore the life we find ourselves in with the end result often being our spiritual stagnation.

I do not want to find myself in stagnation – while I often fall as sinners do, I also strive to away stand up and take another step closer to God.  But as someone who lives so deeply in the worlds that my various fandoms have created and loves the stories they tell so dearly, I want them to be more than just distractions.  I want to see if there’s a way to understand these stories and the places these create, understand why I’m drawn to them, and how I can use them to draw myself and others closer to Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

This blog is what one could consider a chronicling of that journey – my way to understanding why I love the geekdoms I do, how they bring me closer (and sometimes farther apart) from God, and perhaps even provide you, my reader, with a path towards the same.  I’d love if we could and talk together of the beatific vision, and the nerdy journey we took to find it.  I can’t promise that it will be either smooth or particularly well written – I am no Chesterton – but I hope that my meditations on making Myths From Mundanity help you as much as I pray they will help me.

May we find God on our way to the Comic Book Store, and not discover that we are just in search of a new way  to serve God and mammon.