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Matthew Tucker is eldest son of the "Alford Tuckers," having grown up in a home filled with many lives and lots of love.  He followed his dream of becoming a television technician, and currently works at Pittsfield Community Television in Pittsfield, MA.  In his off hours he is often at home in Adams with his wife Cassandra, working the "family business" and helping raise their family of "two or more" children (with the help of their three feline companions).  When not surrounded by small people, Matthew enjoys computer and tabletop games, and learning all he can about strange new worlds of the imagination.

Matthew's project here on "" is a blog devoted to understanding his relationship between "geek" popular culture (such as science fiction, fantasy and gaming of all sorts) and his Catholic faith.  He weaves into this a narrative of his "heroically normal" home life, in a project he has called:

"Myths From Mundanity"

Cassandra Barlow-Tucker is the only child of Bill and Virginia Barlow of North Adams, and joined the "Alford Tuckers" by choice, marrying Matthew in three separate ceremonies.  Her vocation in life is the care of children, which Cassandra rekindled during her time at UCP Of Berkshire County's Early Intervention program.  She now focuses most of her time on the care of Matthew and her family ("home-grown" and "imported"), as well as other creative pursuits

Cassandra's project here on "" is a blog sharing her insights on Foster Care.  Her raw and thoughtful style hopes to let other parents working with DCF or other state care organizations know that this work may be some of the most rewarding they've ever done, but that doesn't make it easy.  She calls this project, which aptly describes the experiences of her young charges:

"Things Band Aids Don't Fix"

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